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HEXAGON Newsletters

Informations for our customers about news and changes

HEXAGON Newsletter 204 (April 2024)
- FED1+, FED2+, FED6, FED17: Tolerances for spring load F1, F2 if rectangular or elliptic wire
- FED3: Tolerances for spring torque T1, T2 if rectangular or elliptic wire
- FED1+: Spring load F1 or F2 without tolerance
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,17: VDSiCr to IS 4454 (Indian Standard)
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,17: Relaxation data for VDFI-L-001 materials
- SR1 Tip: Tightening torque MA max, min, nom

HEXAGON Newsletter 203 (February 2024)
- GR3 - Cycloidal Drive
- GEO2: Equivalent radius for mass moment of inertia
- WN2/WN2+: "Actual" and "Effective" added for tolerances and backlash
- ZAR1+, ZAR5, ZAR7, ZAR8: Warning "cffmin < 0" only if in tooth mesh
- ZAR5, ZAR7, ZAR8: Enter individual ZW factors
- SR1/SR1+: Quick3 with overlapped tables if both DIN 25201-4 and temperature applied
- Tip: Configure network version individually
- Tip: E-manual for network licenses in multiple languages
- Tip: Do not use multiple dots in file names

HEXAGON Newsletter 202 (December 2023)
- FED1+ 2+ 3+ 5 6 7 8 11 17: Goodman diagrams from VDFI guide L-001 added
- FED Tip: add your own Goodman diagrams in fedwst.dbf database
- FED1+ 2+ 5 6 7 8 17: configure permissible stress for hot-formed springs (d=10..60mm)
- ZAR1+: jt = j / cos(ß) added in tooth thickness tolerance drawing
- ZAR3+: production drawing with tooth quality and tolerance zone
- ZAR9: production drawing with tooth quality and tolerance zone

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 201 (October 2023)
- FED2+: Tolerances for loop height LH and Loop opening m
- WN2, WN4, WN5, WN10, WNXE: Draw df hub as arc
- FED1+ 2+ 3+ 5 6 7 8 11 17: Inconel X-750 ST+3HT Rm=1000 instead of 800 MPa

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 200 (August 2023)
- 33 years HEXAGON newsletter
- SR1+: flange database
- FED1+: spring rate tolerance

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 199 (June 2023)
- SR1/SR1+: calculation method "washer dwa=dw+1.6hs" redundant
- FED5: Pitch Po and Pu as well as radial coil distance aWo and aWu added
- FED5: Create FED7 file
- FED7: Production drawing: end coil diameters added
- FED7: Production drawing: quality class for coil diameter removed
- ZM1: bug fixed in sprocket profile

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 198 (April 2023)
- FED material database: SWOSC-V and SWOSC-VHV added
- FED material database: Nivaflex 45/18 added
- FED material database: UGI 202N added
- FED material database: EN 10270-3 is ISO 6931-1
- FED3+: spring drawing without dimensions
- FED6, FED7: 3D Helix for STEP export
- FED3+: improvements in pre-dimensioning and dimensioning for torsion springs with bent legs
- FED14: static/dynamic saved in f14 file
- ZAR1+: dimensioning in multi-stage gear drawings
- ZAR5,ZAR7, ZAR8: load spectrum: separate Woehler parameters for each gear pair
- ZAR1+, ZAR3+, ZAR5, ZAR7, ZAR8, ZAR9: 3D printing of helical gear wheels and worms

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 197 (February 2023)
- FED1+, FED5, FED6, FED7, FED17: Set Spring Options in Production Drawing
- WL1+, TR1: Input Material Number
- SR1/SR1+: Thread Strip Safety Warning and Error (difference)
- ZAR1+, ZAR4, ZAR5, ZAR7, ZAR8: Material Coefficient ZW according to ISO 6336-2:2019
- ZM3: Tolerances added to Printout

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 196 (December 2022)
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,17: Fatigue strength coefficient and life expectation
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,17: FEDWST.DBF with data field E6_E7
- FED2+: Setting tau/sigma for Goodman diagram
- SR1/SR1+: Enter material data for nut thread
- WN2+: ISO tolerance A..V instead of A..S
- ZAR3+: Tooth height factors with tooth profile drawing
- Tip: Back up databases for updates
- Tip: Change setting "copy dbf->Temp" to modify databases for network versions
- Tip: cfg configuration in "C:\HEXAGON\"

Statement of German Spring Manufacturers Association on HEXAGON Newsletter No. 195 (pdf)

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 195 (October 2022)
- FED1+,2+,3+,17: Haigh Diagram
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,17 Tip: Goodman diagram calculation method tauoz=tauz
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,17 Tip: Comparison EN 13906-1 and research project IGF 19693 BR
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,17: Quotient 1E6_1E7 for fatigue strength 10 million and 1 million cycles
- FED5,6,7: calculate up to 6 additional spring positions
- FED1+,2+,6: w=Dm/d added Quick3 and Quick4 View
- SR1/SR1+: Split clamping plates for chamfer or countersink
- SR1/SR1+ Tip: Input of tightening torque tolerance for nuts with prevailing torque
- Tip: save settings in cfg file

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 194 (August 2022)
- WN2/WN2+: Quick Input: 5 additional result graphics.
- WN2/WN2+: WN2 /WN2+: Fillet root side fit, not for major diameter fit nor minor diameter fit
- WN2/WN2+: ISO tolerance table H11/h11 in production drawing
- WN4, WN5: production drawing improvements
- TR1, GEO1+, GEO2, ZAR4: Import DXF files with LWPOLYLINE (AcDbPolyline)
- DI1: auxiliary buttons for ISO tolerances
- SR1/SR1+: print safety margins above 1000?

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 193 (June 2022)
- SR1: M-alpha diagram with loosening torque of the bolted joint.
- SR1: Tightening torque components: thread friction, srew head friction, thread pitch.
- WN: Overview of spline standards.
- ZAR3+: center distance a rk.

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 192 (April 2022)
- FED19: New software for buffer spring design
- FED1+,2+,5,6,7,17,19: Formulas for coil springs made of rectangular wire
- FED1+, FED2+, FED3+: Export all springs into one dbf or xls file
- Printer preset for graphic printout

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 191 (February 2022)
- FED13, FED14, FED15, FED16: Material input for spring strip
- SR1/SR1+: Lateral stiffness and lateral sliding according to DIN 25201-4:2021
- WL1+: Material properties DIN 743
- FED19: Conical springs of spring strip
- Java Log4j libraries and cyber attack safety

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 190 (December 2021)
- FED2+, FED3+: Dimensioning Material
- WL1+: Faster calculation of shafts with 3, 4, 5 bearings
- LG1: Axial needle roller and cage assemblies and axial cylindrical roller bearings
- ZAR5, ZAR7, ZAR8: Tooth gap drawing at input of measure circle
- SR1+: consider large holes and long holes for calculation of elastic resilience
- SR1 Tip: calc tightening angle and tightening torque for combined torque and rotation angle controlled tightening
- FED10, TR1 Tip: Dependancy of bending angle and deflection of a leaf spring

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 189 (October 2021)
- FED9+: Spiral spring design with production drawing, animation, Quick input, Quick4 output
- FED7: Quick input
- FED1+: tauoz/tauk2 added to Goodman diagram
- WN4, WN5: Hoop stress
- WN2+, WN10: stresse according to SAE Design Guide added
- SR1+: new warning messages
- Windows 11: HEXAGON software also runs on Windows 11

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 188 (August 2021)
- FED1+, FED2+: International production drawing in Quick Input
- FED6: Quick Input
- SR1, SR1+: Load extension diagrams with FA, FSA, FPA, FKR
- WN2, WN2+: Quick Input
- WN2, WN2+: Tip reduction if press fit
- WN4: Quick Input
- WN5: Quick Input
- WN4, WN5: Production drawing: bore, hub diameter and length dimensions added.
- WN8: Root fillet for non-standard sizes (60x65 .. 120x125) added in database
- WN8: Input tooth thickness / pooth gap for tooth profile drawing
- SR1, SR1+ Tip: How to consider a chamfer
- SR1, SR1+ Tip: countersink due to thread run-out
- Settings when changing the font size in Windows 10

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 187 (June 2021)
- GEO3: Quick3 View
- GEO3: Elastic compression of ball or roller
- GEO3: Quick Input
- FED4: Quick Input
- FED5: Quick Input
- FED2+, ZAR2, ZAR6, ZAR1W, WL1+, WN1, TR1, FED4, FED5, FED10: Expert Mode
- WN2, WN2+: Data field to DIN 5480-1:2006 modified
- WN2, WN2+: New table with gearing data
- WN2, WN2+: Calculate form interference
- SR1 tip: Bolted joint with countersunk screw head
- All programs: Input windows sizeable yes/no?
- Update tip: how to install new release together with previous version

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 186 (April 2021)
- ZM3: new software for synchronous belt drives
- FED5: tau-x diagram reversed
- WN5: table to ISO 4156 and ANSI B92.2M: V5.1 bugfixed
- WN5: fit class H / js and H / k
- WN5: tolerance graphic: E nom, S nom, c max added
- ZAR4, GEO4: 2nd order ellipse added
- ZAR4: tooth contact drawings
- ZAR4: calculate pitch curve from pitch angles
- WN2: radial runout Fr
- SR1: additional text line
- SR1: copy previous clamping plate
- SR1: reverse clamping plates
- SR1: M1.4 screw added
- SR1 tip: how to calculate bolted joint with stud bolts
- SR1 tip: how to handle bolted joints with large bore or slotted hole
- Tip: how to fit text into tables and diagrams

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 185 (February 2021)
- ZM2 software for pin rack drives
- DI1: Quick3 view
- DI1: O-Ring tension and compression, error in the axial sealing application
- FED1+: calculation method if required load cycles > 10 million
- FED14: Quick3 view w/o calculation method
- GEO1+, TR1: switch between yz and xy coordinate system
- WNXK, WNXE: inside diameter of hollow shaft and outside diameter of hub
- SR1: database material plate/nut: brass and bronze added
- GEO2: STL half section

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 184 (December 2020)
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,17: ISO 6931-1 replaces EN 10270-3 for stainless spring wire
- ZM1: ISO 606 replaces DIN 8787/8788/8796
- ZM1: new database for roller chains to ISO 606
- ZM2: new software for pin rack drive
- ZM3: new software for synchronous belt drives
- ZAR4: export of diagrams to Excel tables
- SR1: bolt materials titanium and aluminium added
- SR1: preload increase/decrease by temperature delta FVth
- HEXAGON floating license is no floating server license

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 183 (Oktober 2020)
- ZAR1+,5,7,8: Grinding notches by machining allowance q
- ZAR1+,5,7,8: Root form diameter dFf if protuberance
- ZAR7, ZAR8: Export ZAR1+
- WN13: New software for PnG polygon profiles (P3G, P2G, P4G)
- WN14: New software for PnC polygon profiles (P4C, P2C, P3C)
- WN13, WN14: Surface pressure of polygon profiles
- WN13, WN14: Calculate minimum wall thickness of polygon connection
- All programs: Settings for decimal digit

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 182 (August 2020)
- FED3+: Tolerance LK0 for spring body length of torsion springs without distance between coils
- WN6: New Quick3 View
- WN6: P3G database extended size 110 till 180 mm
- WN7: P4C auxiliary image with virtual outer diameter dre = di + 4e
- WN7: new Quick3 View
- WN7: P4C database extended size 110 till 180 mm
- WN7: calculate proportional angles of P4G and arc
- GEO1+: New profile PnG
- WN7: Two errors found in DIN 32712
- WN6: Error in DIN 32711
- WN13: New software for PnG joints
- WN14: New software for PnC joints
- TR1: Polygon trochoide PnG as girder profile
- GEO4: Import DXF (example P3G)
- ZAR4: Import DXF (example P3G)
- ZAR1+: Edit tooth root trochoide starting point if extremely high undercut
- ZAR1+, ZAR5, ZAR7, ZAR8: Gear wheel with bore profile P3G, P4C, P3C, P4G, square, hexagon, sine
- ZAR1+ 3+ 5 7 8: Produce gear wheels with 3D printer
- Virus scanner false positive

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 181 (June 2020)
- FED2+: self-defined loops w/o peek stress
- FED2+: extension spring drawing horizontal and hook loop drawing
- FED7: printout sections
- LG2: lubricant database
- WN1: text height and table dimensions optimized in Quick view
- WN4, WN5: new Quick4 View
- ZAR3+: backlash of worm gear
- ZAR1+, ZAR5: backlash of multistage gears
- ZAR4: variable module of noncircular gears min/max
- Modification index in ISO 7200 drawing head
- Network option "copy dbf->temp" prevents database modifications

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 180 (April 2020)
- FED1 +, 2+, 5, 6, 7: International production drawing also as a CAD file
- ZAR1 +, 5, 7, 8: Hoop stress control (wall thickness) for the ring gear
- SR1, ZAR1W: Generate DXF files in command line mode
- FED1 +, 2 +, 3 +, 10.17, TR1, WL1 +, SR1 +, ZAR1 +, 2.6, WN1: Help \ Command line mode (options)
- Home office - network license
- Home office - single user license

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 179 (February 2020)
- Spring Materials: Comparison of standards EN 10270-1 with ISO 4858-2 and GB/T 4357
- FED2+: Reduce loop bending stress by smaller loop diameter
- FED2+: Quick3 table without sigma for tension springs without loops
- FED1+: Error message "F2,48h < F2min" not for zero tolerances
- FED6: buckling travel sk in Quick3 added
- FED8, FED11, FED15, FED16: Italian version available now
- FED14: Factor K at Smalley calculation corrected for 7 .. 9.5 waves
- FED14: torsionel spring rate added
- WN2,3,6,7,8,9,10,11,12: tensile strength Rm for brittle materials from material database
- WN4, WN5: Safety margins added
- WN4, WN5: Export WNXE, WN2+, ZAR1+
- ZAR5, ZAR7: ring gear optional for square case
- ZAR5, ZAR7, ZAR8: Housing cover for planetary gears as STL file for 3D printing
- Configuration: Scale factor for DXF files
- Key code error by Windows 10 update because of modified harddrive C:

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 178 (December 2019)
- WN5: ISO Tolerances js and k added
- WL1+: X-O arrangement also for cylindrical roller bearing type NJ
- WL1+: STL layer model for 3D printing
- GR2: interfaces to WL1+, ZAR1+, SR1+
- GEO1+: STL profile without numbers
- Payment by PayPal instead of Mastercard/VISA

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 177 (October 2019)
- WN3, WN11: DIN 6892:2012 and Quick3 View
- WN3, WN11, WN2, WN8, WN9, WN10: Calculate fW and fL from NW and NL
- WN2, WN6, WN7, WN8, WN9, WN10, WN11, WN12: Auxiliary Image Update
- TOL1: New Error message "upper tol. < lower tol."
- FED7: Access Violation Error Message in Module WFED7.EXE
- GR2: New software for eccentric gears

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 176 (August 2019)
- FED1+: Statistics example: comparing target and measured values
- FED2+: Font height reduced if special loops
- WN2/WN2+: pre-selection hf/m
- WL1+, TR1: Fatigue charts Smith , Goodman, Haigh
- WL1+: Static-dynamic load ratio: static, pulsating, alternating
- WL1+: Smith diagram added coordinate results
- Tips for Windows 10 Installation
- Windows 10: Install HEXAGON software on 2nd partition or 2nd hard drive
- Licensing issues

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 175 (June 2019)
- ZAR9: new software for screw gears or crossed helical gears
- SR1+: create bolt, nut and clampiung parts with 3D printer
- FED1+ .. FED17: tauoz' and sigmaoz' in Goodman diagram
- FED4,5,6,7,12: Export F-s diagram as Excel table
- FED5: 3D centerline as STEP file
- WN1: STL file of shaft and hub
- ZAR3+: worm gear housing for 3D printing
- ZAR3+: diagram a=f(gamma_m): worm and worm wheel dimensions added
- ZAR3+: calculate thread of a screw as worm dimensions
- all programs: switch on/off zooming with mouse wheel

HEXAGON Newsletter No. 174 (April 2019)
- FED1+, FED5: make spring utilities with 3D printer
- FED17: print mandrel and bore for magazine springs
- FED1+..FED17: alerts if inappropriate fatigue strength configuration (2E6 or 10E6)
- SR1/SR1+: configure default material database
- ZAR1+ 5 6 7 8: helical gears by means of 3D printer
- ZAR3+: worm gear strength calculation according to DIN 3996:2012
- ZAR3+: graphic of tooth contact in axial section of worm
- ZAR3+: create worm gear model by means of 3D printer
- ZAR3+: input bore/shaft dimensions for worm gear
- ZAR3+: faktor for no-load power loss PV0
- ZAR3+: input dm1 at recalculation changes gamma_m or module.
- ZAR3+: correction for axial pressure angle
- ZAR3+: input mx at dimensioning calculates gamma_m or x2
- ZAR3+: lubricant database
- ZAR3+: diagrams a = f(gamma_m) and eta = f(gamma_m)
- ZAR9: new software for cross-helical gear (screw gear)
- ZAR1+..ZAR8: z_slice settings
- ZAR1W, ZAR1+: xe tolerance
- SR1/SR1+: less temperature warnings
- GEO4: create cam model with 3D printer
- GEO7: new software for internal Geneva drive
- all: reverse STL direction
- all: change licensee name: 40 Euro
- all: key code problem with Windows 10 and network version
- all: sort database columns

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 173 (February 2019)
- FED2+: extension springs with insert loops
- FED2+: enter weight of inserts
- FED2+: bending radius of loop 1 and 2
- FED6, FED7: numbering coil sections, table reversed
- FED7: calculate compression springs connected in series
- ZAR1+: calculate gear wheels for eccentric gear
- GR2: calculate eccentric gear
- GR1: eccentric gear added
- GEO5: demo version
- all programs: load initial file with default data

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 172 (December 2018)
- FED1+: Lateral deflection sQ as input instead of of transverse force FQ
- FED1+: Transverse deflection sQ limited in case of buckling
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11,17: Suggestion for tolerance class of wire diameter
- FED1+: Recalculation load-deflection curve: pre-defined positions
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11,17: New material NIVAFLEX
- FED1+,5,6,7,17: Setting length Ls=Lc (set to block)
- FED3+: Spring rate if long legs or few coils
- ZAR6,WN1,WN3,WN11 Production drawing: dimensions in inches
- ZAR7,ZAR8: Distance between gear wheels
- SR1: Database for special nuts
- SR1: Clamping plate database with additional CC field for slot
- WL1+: Pre-calculation of y coordinate of shaft for DXF Import

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 171 (October 2018)
- FED3+: assembly space optimized torsion spring
- FED3+: torsion spring drawing with dimensions
- FED3+: Quick4 and Quick3 production drawing with 3D torsion spring
- FED3+: New price 600 Euro
- FED1+: Optimization assembly space: initial spring added
- FED1+: Switch off expert mode to simplify menu
- GEO2: Input diameter d or y coordinate
- ZAR5: effective face width used in gear pair calculations
- SR1+: Edit\Clamping plates: bugfix Insert/Delete clamping plates with self-defined material data
- SR1+: switch off expert mode to ease menu
- production drawing: free defined text in drawings: configure layer/colours
- 3D drawing: with/without coordinate system
- Tip: start HEXAGON software (network version) with doubleclick into file name

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 170 (August 2018)
- FED3+: Quick Input
- FED1,5,6,7,17: gross weight of the spring
- FED9,10,13,14,15,16: spring steel strip 1.4310 and 1.4368 modified in fed9wst.dbf
- FED4,9,10,13,14,15,16: Goodman diagram for spring steel strip according to EN10132-4 in fed9wst.dbf
- FED14: stress coefficient q for dynamic application
- FED1,2,3,5,6,7,8,11,17: spring wire "Roeslau extra" and "Roeslau extra-extra" added in fedwst.dbf
- LG1,ZAR5,WL1+: Permissible axial load for cylindrical roller bearings NUP and NJ
- GEO4: Spline function for cam geometry
- ZARXP: face width and bore diameter added in table
- ZAR3+: external diameter de2 = da2 + 2 * m
- ZAR3+: tooth width b2 and wheel width b2H(b2R) of worm wheel
- Tip: update and database modifications

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 169 (June 2018)
- FED: Spring energy-mass-ratio as indicator for efficiency and lightweight design
- FED: Spring efficiency
- FED1+: Spring energy W0z = f(tauz)
- FED2+: Quick Input
- FED2+: Input default loop height
- FED2+: Torsional spring rate
- FED9: Usable spring travel of spiral springs until block
- FED12: Spring energy diagram
- FED1+: Relaxation table
- WN4,5,6,7,8,9,12,WNXE,WNXK,LG2: Production drawing in standardized scale
- LG2: Quick3 View and Quick4 View
- GEO4, ZAR4: Section area, moment of intertia, center of gravity
- GEO4: Quick1 View, Quick3 View, Quick4 View
- TOL2: Dialogue windows bugfix
- SR1,SR1+: Thread strip safety min/max
- Configuration: dialog window size and dialog element size

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 168 (April 2018)
- FED1+,5,6,7,17: Production drawing dual English/German
- FED1+,5,6,7,17: Production drawing international DE,EN,FR,IT,SV,PT,ES,NL
- FED2+: Production drawing international DE,EN,FR,IT,SV,ES,NL
- FED4: STL disk spring as 3D model
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11,17: "OTEVA 91 not nitrided" modified in fedwst.dbf
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11,17: OTEVA 74 SC, OTEVA 76 SC, OTEVA 96 SC new in fedwst.dbf
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11,17: materials for hot-coiled springs to EN 10089 modified in fedwst.dbf
- FED11: spring lock and bushing as STL model
- FED8: torsion spring in egg shape
- GEO1+,TR1: Ellipse and egg shape
- TR1: Quick3 and Quick4 View
- ZAR4,GEO4: semiellipse (egg-shape)
- ZAR4: modify center distance for backlash
- ZAR4: DXF Import polyline with arcs
- ZAR4: Print list in 1 increments
- ZAR4: Free transmission ratio for non-circumferential gears
- WN2+: involute spline drawing with/without bore hole.
- ZAR1+,ZAR1W: configure tooth root fillet trochoide.
- FED1+,6,7,10,WL1+,GEO1+,2,4,SR1+,TOL1,TR1,WN1,ZAR4: inmproved input tables
- WN12: new software for face splines

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 167 (February 2018)
- FED1+: Produce tools and utilities for compression springs on 3D printer
- FED12 Elastomer spring as STL model
- Complete Spring Package
- GR1: Planetary differential
- ZAR1+: Sector gear over n teeth
- ZAR5: Form diameters added in printout
- WL1+: Bore diameters of hollow shafts dimensioned
- WL1+: STL closed solid
- GEO1+: Quick3 view
- GEO2: STL solid model
- GEO2: Generate predefined standard 3D rotation bodies
- GEO2: Quick3 View
- Tip ZAR1+: How to design a cycloid gear with involute gear wheels

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 166 (December 2017)
- FED14: 3D centerline of Helical Wave Spring
- FED14: STL Export 3D model
- FED1+: Temperature table
- FED3+: mandrel diameter of torsion spring
- FED4: spring rate of disk spring packages
- TR1: Quick Input girder calculation
- ZAR2: Quick Input spiral bevel gear calculation
- ZAR2, ZAR6: View strength calculation with formulae and results
- ZAR6: Quick Input bevel gear design
- ZAR1+,ZAR5,ZAR7,ZAR8: Measuring circle according to xe setting
- ZAR1+,ZARXP,ZAR1W,WN2+,WN4,WN5,WN10,WNXE: Button "tooth gap + DM"
- ZARXP,WNXE: minimum and maximum values for profile shift coefficient and dimensions
- FED1+,SR1+,WL1+,FED10: Error box at Quick Input
- ZAR1+,ZAR1W,ZARXP: Tooth profile without interrupt
- ZAR1W: Quick Input
- ZAR1W: Quick4 View with additional tables
- HPGL-/DXF-Manager: DXF Polyline conversion
- GEO1+: Mirror and Copy
- GEO1+: Create STL file from GEO1 profile layers
- SR1: temperature dependancy of yield point
- Alle: Zoom screen graphic with mouse wheel
- Tip: configure viewer for DXF,IGS,STL files
- Tip: spring calculations with different shear module
- Tip: save default settings in NULL file

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 165 (Oktober 2017)
- FED1+, FED2+: cost calculation
- FED7: insert special shape spring
- FED8: Quick4 View
- FED17: calculate reference diameter
- FED10: Quick Input
- FED10: Quick4 with bending line and stress curve
- SR1/SR1+: length of countersunk screw
- SR1/SR1+: Quick Input: table with clamping plates
- SR1/SR1+: Quick Input: MA +/- tolerance
- SR1/SR1+: top view and bottom view
- WL1+: Quick Input
- LG1: load spectrum
- WN1: Quick Input
- WN1: min/max interference for recalculation of taper interference fit
- WN1: Quick2 View
- WN1: Quick4 View
- GEO6: new software for pinch roll overrunning clutch

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 164 (August 2017)
- SR1+: calculate clamping plates with slotted hole
- SR1+: configure creep safety margin for FKRmin or FVmin
- SR1+: axial load FA plotted in drawings
- SR1+: maximum pressure in case of FA < 0 (compression)
- ZAR3+: tooth contact ratio epsilon alpha
- FED2+: suggest buttons at loop input
- FED1+, FED2+: period of spring-mass-system
- FED2+: input coiled-in prestress tau0 (instead of F0)
- FED?: extension springs in barrel shape or with conical spring ends
- FED: compare spring wire 1.4310 (302) and 1.4568 (17-7 PH)
- FED: New EN 10270-1:2017
- TOL1, TOL2: calculate reject rate for predefined limits
- TOL1: 30 years anniversary

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 163 (June 2017)
- FED1+: block length in brackets
- FED15,FED16: enter material data directly
- FED3+: tolerance of bending angle (Aphi) corrected
- ZAR1+ .. ZAR8: material database modifications
- ZAR1+,2,5,6,7,8: load spectrum to ISO 6336-6 (Palmgren-Miner method)
- ZAR1+,2,5,6,7,8: load spectrum: enter period
- ZAR1+,2,5,6,7,8: load spectrum: diagrams
- ZAR1+,2,5,6,7,8: load spectrum: input of speed added and saved
- ZAR1+,2,5,6,7,8: load spectrum: exort/import
- ZAR1+,2,5,6,7,8: load spectrum: sort automatic
- ZAR1+,2,5,6,7,8: laod spectrum: Miner sum tables
- SR1+: self-defined elasticity for calculation of deltaP if deformation cone
- WST1: calculate size factor from material exponent and material thickness
- WST1: fatigue stress values of 1.4310 and 1.4568 added
- WST1: nodular cast iron: new materials and modifications
- LG1,ZAR5,ZAR7,ZAR8,WL1+: full complem. needle bearings and roller bearing
- Windows 10: automatic updates
- Tip: Not install HEXAGON Software on Windows 10 system drive
- Network version: Set "Copy DBF->TEMP"
- FAQ: program start by doubleclick on calculation file fails?

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 162 (April 2017)
- GEO5: New software for Geneva mechanism
- FED13: Quick4 and 3D STL, new price 228 EUR
- FED5: upper view with end coils
- FED6: configuration Dm, De, Di
- FED6: input coil sections L0, aW or P
- FED7: input coil sections L0, aW or P and Dm, De, Di
- GR1: new gear elements: stepped planet gear and HCX planetary gear system
- ZAR4: noncircular gear wheels with mounting mark
- ZAR4: new demo version with STL interface for 3D printer
- ZAR5, ZAR7, ZAR8: drawing and table of roller bearing
- ZAR1+: Warnings for calculation to DIN 3990-41
- WN2+, WN4, WN5, WN10, WNXE: CAD plot direction optimized
- FED4, FED9, FED10, FED14, FED15, FED16: SWP-A and SWP-B material added
- SR1+: sealing area for eccentric load
- Tip: reduce file size of STL files
- FAQ: what means Fn in load-extension diagram?

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 161 (February 2017)
- FED17: New Software for Magazine Springs
- FED1+,5,6,7: 3D STL Spring Model
- FED5: Concentric End Coils
- FED1+,FED2+: Cost Calculation updated
- FED1+: Quick Input improved
- FED1+,5,6,7: Setting length "Ls=Lc" rounded
- FED1+,5,6,7: Setting length Ls with Fs and taus printed
- FED3+: Equal Tolerance for Dm, Di, De
- FED7: 3D Centerline
- FED10: Quick4 View
- FED5,FED6: Natural Frequency of Spring-Mass-System
- FED5: Block Length for 0 Spring Ends
- XFED1: FED1 Freeware
- WL1+: 3D Model of Shaft as STL File
- WL1+: Quick4 View
- WL1+: International Material Names in Material Database
- WN2,WN2+: Reversed Sign of Ae Caused Error in e2min, e2max
- WN2+,WN4,WN5: Tangentail Backlash, Normal Backlash, Radial Backlash
- WN2,WN2+: Allowable Deviations to DIN 5480
- ZAR1+,5,7,8: Configure Resolution of Involute Curve and Tooth Root Curve
- Tip: Configure Text Font

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 160 (December 2016)
- ZAR8: New Software for Ravigneaux Gears
- ZAR7: New Software for Plus Planetary Gears
- GR1: New Gear Construction Kit Software
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8: Fatigue strength calculation for hot-coiled springs
- FED1+,2+,3+: create spring drawings in command line mode
- FED4: load cycles for DIN 2093 disk spring material
- FED4: SigmaOM
- GEO4, ZAR4: New input windows sine-linear, polygon, eccentric
- ZAR1+, ZAR5: New input window for strength calculation
- SR1+: Tightening torque +/- tolerance instead of nueRp and alphaA
- all programs: configure dialogue window size and text size

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 159 (October 2016)
- SR1 and SR1+: New Quick Input Window
- SR1+: Compare FKR and FKreq in load-extension diagrams
- SR1+: configure calculation method for "deltaPzu"
- ZAR4: New Quick1,2,3,4 View
- ZAR5: Pre-dimension with n,T,P and new parameters
- WN3: shaft stress from bending moment and torque
- FED2+: Quick3 with loop position angle
- ZAR7: New software for plus planetary gears
- ZAR8: new software for Ravigneaux gears
- GR1: new software for predimension of multistage gear sets
- How to make network versions running faster

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 158 (August 2016)
- new Software FED16 for Constant Force Springs
- FED1+ Quick input: New dialogue window integrates most input and output options in one screen
- FED1+,5,6,7: warning if P/Di > 0.7
- FED1+: spring rate tolerance
- FED2+,FED3+: alternative input of spring rate in dimensioning and pre-dimension
- FED1+,2+,5,6,7: table in relaxation-time diagram
- FED2+: input bending radius of loop
- SR1: calculation option "washer dwa=dw+1.6hs"
- SR1: calculation option "elasticity": deformation sleeve (VDI2230:1986)
- GEO4: input cam curve parameters
- ZAR5: bearing life for load spectrum
- ZAR5: planet carrier with coupling shaft
- ZAR5: taper roller bearings and cylinder roller bearings NJ in X and O configuration
- WN2+: buttons e2min and e2max interchanged
- all programs: set default text window size
- all programs: IGES problem with long file names
- network: problem with standard network printer
- spring calculation seminar of German spring maufacturer's association

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 157 (June 2016)
- all programs got new STL interface for 3D printers
- FED1+: Point cloud as result of search run for springs in predefined installation space
- FED1+: Increase of shear stress because of shock loading
- FED1+,FED2+,FED3+,FED6: Goodman diagramm with tolerance range
- FED1+: safety springs: Warning if aW0>d
- FED1+,FED2+,FED3+: Calc button at base input
- spring materials to EN 10270-3: calculate E module of shear module
- ZAR1+,ZAR4,ZAR5,ZARXP,ZAR1W: spur gears made by 3D printer
- ZAR5: Mesh load factor K gamma
- ZAR1+,ZAR4,ZAR5: errors for ZB, ZD, Z in ISO 6336-2:2006
- WN7: enter P4C parameters directly
- WN2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10: STL Menu for toothed shafts and tooth hubs by 3D printer
- ZAR4: Import DXF
- GEO4: cam profile as STL file for 3D printer
- GEO4: cam curve in polar coordinates
- DXFMAN, HPGLMAN: Animation
- DXFMAN, HPGLMAN: STL converter
- DXFMAN, HPGLMAN: open converted file with external program
- SR1+: STL Menu: Print clamping plates and circular flange
- all programs: Settings: run external CAD or STL programs automatic
- all programs: Settings: generate arcs as polygon lines
- all programs: Settings: suppress hints and warnings
- all programs: Settings: adapt window size and dialog element size automatic

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 156 (April 2016)
- WNXK: new software for serration splines
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7: Surface drawn/rolled/ground/shaved
- FED1+: Pitch m and swelling of coil diameter DeltaDe under load
- FED4,9,10,13,14,15: Round wire 18-8 and 17-7 PH added in material database
- FED3+: E module for FD,TD,VD changed from 200,000 into 206,000 MPa
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7: Indicate load cycles required
- FED7: End coils added to coil table in production drawing
- WN8: Tooth profile drawing improved
- ZAR1+, ZAR5: No lifetime diagrams if speed=0
- ZAR1+, ZAR5: Hint/Warning if ring gear with positive profile shift x>0
- SR1+: Washer dwa=dw+1.6hs as option
- SR1+: Input of required residual clamping force with red-marked out-of-range values
- SR1+: D'A and other deformation cone dimensions if several clamping plates
- SR1+: Calculation option "D'A max = 10 dw"
- SR1+: Creep safety SpKr
- SR1+: Warning "pmax > Re" for thin sleeves
- all programs: database with new possibility to input record number directly
- Software orders update
- New order software replaces online order form

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 155 (February 2016)
- ZAR5: Power sharing between driving shaft and control shaft
- ZAR5: Wolf chart with torque, speed and power
- ZAR5: Strength calculation for static state (torque only)
- ZAR5: Graphics of dimension and strength calculation results S-P and P-H (as in ZAR1+)
- ZAR5: Input data of pinion bearing with fsa and fma saved
- ZAR1+: Strength calculation also for n=0 (static)
- ZAR1+: Printout load spectrum and multistage gear
- ZAR1+: Input x1, x2, a and buttons x1min and x2min improved
- ZAR1W: CAD tooth profile settings
- FED1+,2+,3+,4,WN1,ZAR3+: Online input with green and yellow fields
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8: Spring materials FD, TD, VD to EN 10270-2
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8: Temperature dependancy of E module and G module
- FED1+,5,6,7: Reduced spring mass by grinding of end coils
- FED5,6,7: wire length with pitch height
- FED1+: Pitch m and swelling of coil diameter deltaDe
- FED1+,5,6: Ma e von Dorn und H lse separat
- FED3+: Legs bend axial
- FED5: concentric end coils in production drawing
- SR1+: Calculate deformation cone of TTJ with TBJ calculation method
- SR1+: Calculate pressure from deformation cone cross-section
- SR1+: Non-standard sizes M45,52,60,68,M160 added for hexagon head bolts
- WN8: ISO tolerances for self-defined serrations

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 154 (December 2015)
- WST1: New screen graphic with alloy components
- WST1: Chinese and Indian material names added in the comparison table
- WST1: Quick4 View with 8 diagrams and tables in ISO 7200 drawing frame
- WST1: Woehler Curve: Help text and auxiliary imageFED1+, 2+, 5,6,7: JIS Fatigue Strength Diagram
- FED1+,2+,5,6,7: New JIS Fatigue Strength Diagram
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7: Get approximate Goodman Diagram from minimum of data
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11: SWP-A and SWP-B spring wire added to database
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11: Wire diameter tolerance according to JIS G 3522
- FED1+: Load Spectrum: Help and application examples
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7: Production Drawing ISO 7200 with 10 mm sheet border
- FED1+,FED5,FED6: Input bore diameter for bedding of compression spring in production drawing
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7: No-show load cycle frequency in production drawing
- FED5: Animation with load-deflection curve
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11: Self-defined material data saved
- FED9: Spiral spring drawing with bent spring ends
- FED1+: Buckling spring marked by "<" sign in the drawing
- FED1+: Various bedding coefficients in buckling diagram
- SR1+: New VDI 2230-1:2015
- SR1+: Database warnings at temperature calculations
- SR1+: New diagram alphaT = f(T) added to bolt material diagrams
- LG1,WL1+,ZAR5: Roller bearing calculation: coefficient aISO to DIN ISO 281 with EP additive
- LG1,WL1+,ZAR5: Roller bearing calculation: a1 according to DIN ISO 281
- TR1,FED10: New input window for bedding of girders and leaf springs
- ZAR3+: Animation worm gear drive
- All programs: File -> New and Edit -> New
- All programs: Quick View with shortcut Alt-V-1,2,3,4

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 153 (October 2015)
- FED5: conical spring drawing with end coils
- FED6, FED7: animation with load-deflection diagram
- FED1+,3+,5,6: input mandrel diameter
- FED1+,5,6: display taukn and taukc
- FED1+,3,6: 3D centerline for rectangular and elliptic wire
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7: error messages if tauk2>tauz min
- FED4: animation
- FED4: F-L diagram
- WN9: straight spline profile drawing of shaft and hub editable min/mean/max
- SR1: thread sizes M1.6, M2, M2.5 added
- WN1, ZAR1+, ZAR2, ZAR5, ZAR6: production drawing with hubs and gear wheels in standardized scale
- All Programs: production drawings with ISO 7200 title block and 10mm border with coordinates and mm scale
- ISO 7200 data field with extended modification index
- Add self-defined drawing elements in production drawings
- Open manual at Help menu
- Tip: link program with file extension

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 152 (August 2015)
- WNXE: New software for involute splined joints
- ZAR5: Multistage planet gears
- ZAR1+,2,5,6: Load spectrum: input table with copy and paste
- ZAR1+: Meshing interference error messages
- ZAR1+: Warning: z0 cutter
- FED1+ Coil distances aW and tolerances e1,e2 in Quick1,3,4
- FED1+,2+,5,6,7: Relaxation as function of tau/tauz
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11: ISO 8458-2 (= EN 10270-1) added to material database
- FED1+,5,6: Mandrel and bore diameter with 2 digits if > 16 mm
- SR1: Compare material data with dtabase values
- SR1: Consider bolt length tolerance
- E module for calculation of deltaM
- GEO1+,GEO2: Coordinet input table
- WL1+: Copy and paste via clipboard
- FED6,7,10,ZAR4,GEO4: Input tables with copy and paste
- WN1: Production drawing of hub
- FED1+: Dimensioning or recalculation after modification of temperature
- All programs: drawing header configurable, ISO 7200 default
- Polyline may be used for logo drawings
- One logo drawing for all drawing headers
- Drawing header with or without copyright note
- Print A4 production drawing without border lines to printer
- Configure window size
- Update history online
- "Document Links" instead of "Document Setup" and "Document 1..5"
- Tip: how to compare calculation results

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 151 (June 2015)
- SR1,DI1,FED1+,2+,3+,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,13,14,15,GEO3,LG1,2,WN1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,WST1,ZAR1+,2,3+4,5,6,ZARXP,ZAR1W,ZM1: New Calc buttons
- SR1+: Quick4 View
- SR1: Flat-headed screw according to ISO 7380
- SR1: Input clamping plate material
- SR1: how to handle nut thread with counterbore or necked-down bolt with incomplete thread engagemant
- TOL1, TOL2: Reject rate added in Gaussian graphic
- FED1+, 2+, 3+, 5, 6, 7: New relaxation diagrams
- FED1+, 2+, 3+, 5, 6, 7: Relaxation curves f(tau) for various temperatures
- FED1+, 2+, 3+, 5, 6, 7: Relaxation curves f(T) as function of temperature for various stress
- FED1+, 2+, 3+, 5, 6, 7: Relaxation limits for small wire diameter or low temperature
- FED1+, 2+, 3+, 5, 6, 7: Relaxation database with additional info columns "Source" and "Pre-set"
- FED1+: "Dimensioning Material->Relaxation" for comparison of materials
- FED1+: Load-deflection diagram with tolerance zones and relaxation curve
- FED3+: Warning if radial load
- FED5: EDI Export/Import added
- FED9: Pre-dimensioning improved
- FED14: Now available in French language
- FED4: Now available in Italian language
- ZAR1+: Production drawing without theoretical (nominal) measures
- ZARXP: New Quick View
- ZAR1+: Tooth profile drawing without gap
- ZAR1+, ZAR2, ZAR5, ZAR6: Load spectrum: option for input of power, speed, period of time
- WNXE: new software for any involute splines
- Tip: how to configure temporary directory in network versions
- Tip: install HEXAGON software on USB Disk

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 150 (April 2015)
- FED14: new software for helical wave springs
- FED15: new software for simple leaf springs
- FED10: flexural springs of round wire calculable
- WN7: true-scale P4C profile of cycloide curves and circular arcs
- TOL1: tolerances according to DIN 7715 added
- FED9, FED13: bending stress coefficient and Goodman diagram
- FED11,12,13: Calc button added
- TR1: draw profile instead of coordinate points input
- GEO2: simplified input for ball, cylinder, cone, frustrum, annulus, ellipsoid..
- GEO2: draw rotation profile instead of coordinate points input
- GEO2: full section drawing instead of half-section drawing
- FED2+: reduced bending stress in loops for tension springs made of rectangular wire
- configuration 3D->2D DXF-IGES
- floating licences: use various releases

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 149 (February 2015)
- SR1+: New Quick3 View with all of input data and results on one screen
- SR1+: configure deformation cylinders or deformation cones as calculation base for elastic resiliense
- SR1+: bending moment MB as eccentric load added
- SR1+: new diagram p = f(x) along eccentric load interface
- SR1+: TTJ, TBJ, and "TTJ + dw"
- SR1+: special head database for studs
- SR1+: friction database and tightening procedure database according to VDI2230-1:2014
- SR1+: safety against shearing and bolt bearing pressure if radial load FQ
- SR1+: tension-elongation diagram for bolt materials
- SR1+: F-alpha diagram and M-alpha diagram for over-elastic tightening
- SR1+: mistakes in VDI 2230-1:2014 (continuation of Info 148)
- GEO1+, TR1: sector of circle and sector of annulus with or w/o bore
- FED1+: increasing coil diameters De1 and De2 under load
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,9,11: spring steel wire UGI 4362 added
- ZAR3+: tool profile drawing
- ZAR3+: tooth heights and complemetary gear pair
- command line mode application example: automated calculations of bolted joints for variable load cases

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 148 (December 2014)
- SR1+: New VDI 2230
- SR1+: new material data
- SR1+: thread strip safety
- SR1+: thread tolerances
- ZAR1+, ZAR2, ZAR3+, ZAR4, ZAR5, ZAR6: material input with hardness conversion
- ZAR1+, ZAR5: calculation of effective face width
- ZAR1+: lubricant data
- ZAR1+: View Strength
- ZAR1+: comparison ISO 6336 and DIN 3990
- ZAR1+, ZAR5: ZL, Zv, ZR, ZW for gear pair
- ZAR1+: View Dimensions with tolerances
- ZAR1+, ZAR1W, ZARXP, ZAR5: measuring circle added in tooth drawing
- WN2, WN4, WN5, WN10: View Tooth with pin
- ZAR5: torsional backlash
- ZAR1+: printout with mass and mass moment of inertia
- ZAR1+, ZAR5: printout with normal backlash jn and radial backlash jt
- FED6: Quick4 view
- FED1+, FED6: tolerances according to EN 15800
- command line mode: automated calculations in batch mode

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 147 (October 2014)
- ZAR5: Planet gear animation with gear wheels
- ZAR5: torsional backlash angle
- ZAR5: Kutzbach diagram for gears with profile shift
- ZAR5: Input/output combinations
- Animation gear wheels
- ZAR1+: new input options for calculation of load capacity
- ZAR1+: calculation of load capacity according to ISO 6336
- ZAR1+ calculation option: input or calculate fsh and fma
- ZAR1+: calculate YF and YS with x, xE, xEv (min, max, mean)
- ZAR1+: calculation option: detailed printout with additional results
- ZAR1+: number of load cycles added in printout
- ZAR1+: fatigue life diagram in logarithmic scale
- ZAR1+: consider notches in fillet
- ZAR1+: EDI file format updated
- WN2,WN4,WN10,ZAR1+,ZAR5: profile shift in mm added
- WN2+: Quick4 view
- FED1+, FED2+: configure safety factor for minimum wire diameter and pre-dimensioning
- FED1+, FED2+: configure coil ratio Dm/d for pre-dimensioning
- FED3+: configure calculation of LKalpha for coil distance a>0
- FED2+ new input window: recalculation n, LH
- FED3+: print tangential force at leg
- FED1+: tolerance analysis with production compensation
- FED3+: dimensioning and pre-dimensioning for load against coiling direction
- all programs: number format and decimal sign from Windows setting
- Floating license: view network log file, if all license are in use

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 146 (August 2014)
- ZAR3/ZAR3+: Quick3 View
- ZAR3/ZAR3+: Calculation for Pv > P
- ZAR3/ZAR3+: Life Expectation
- ZAR3+: Quick4 View
- LG1, WL1+, ZAR5: Needle Roller Cage Database
- WN9: Calculate DIN 9611 Form 1 Profile
- ZAR1+: Dividing of Transmission Ratio for Multistage Gears
- ZAR1+: Volume und Mass of Multistage Gears
- ZAR1+: CAD Quick4
- WN4: Diametral Pitch Eingabe
- SR1: Auxiliary Image
- Drawing Header - Text Size Adapted

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 145 (June 2014)
- ZAR1W: new Software for gear wheel calculation
- GEO4: generate formula for cam transition
- ZAR1+, ZAR2, ZAR6: load spectrum Quick with diagrams and tables
- ZAR5: Load spectrum
- ZAR5: specif sliding graph
- ZAR2: Quick3 view
- ZAR2: Quick4 view in drawing frame
- ZAR6: Quick3 view
- ZAR6: Quick4 view in drawing frame
- ZAR5: hide warnings
- ZAR5: bearing data in Quick3 and Quick4
- ZAR3: tooth contact graphic with pre-defined positions A, C, E

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 144 (April 2014)
- ZAR1+: tooth flank tolerances to ISO 1328 or DIN 3961
- ZAR1+: diagram with specific sliding
- ZAR1+: tooth thickness tolerance chart
- ZAR1+: hide warnings
- ZAR1+: dFamin/max instead of dFa
- ZAR1+: input start angle and end angle of animation
- ZAR1+: tooth contact with action points A,B,C,D,E
- ZAR5: tooth flank tolerances to ISO 1328 or DIN 3961
- ZAR3+: input start angle and end angle of animation
- SR1/SR1+: prevailing-torque type hexagon nuts
- HPGLMAN/DXFMAN: table and preview
- FED5: 3D polyline

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 143 (February 2014)
- ZAR5: Quick3 View
- ZAR5: Production Drawing Quick4
- ZAR5: Tables
- WST1: SN Diagram
- ZAR1+: Quick4 with tolerance tables
- FED3+: production drawing Quick3
- FED3+: production drawing Quick4
- FED9: side view added in Quick3
- FED13: load-extension diagram lbf-in
- FED2+: load cycles at Goodman diagram looop
- WN2+: tooth alignment deviation added
- all Programs: Colors can be changed and configured

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 142 (December 2013)
- ZAR1+: Multistage gear design
- ZAR1+: Quick4 View
- TOL2: Temperature-dependant closing dimensions
- TOL2: New dimension element numbers
- TOL2: group dependant colors
- TOL2: dimension chain(scheme) coloured
- TOL2: table drawing
- FED4: self-defined tolerances
- WN9: "Parallel Slide Splines for Soft Broaches in Fittings" according to SAE J499a added
- WST1: Goodman diagram
- WST1: Quick3 View
- FED2: Shot-blasting in production drawing
- WN10: pin diameters from database
- >10,000 licenses of HEXAGON-Software

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 141 (October 2013)
- TOL1: tolerances for plastic moulded parts according to DIN 16742
- SR1: tightening angle and torsion angle
- SR1: FS max defined new
- SR1: message "yield point override" removed
- FED3/FED3+: Pre-Dimensioning with De and Dm
- FED2+: production drawing Quick3
- FED2+: Quick4 drawing
- Configure Quick4 as default graphic
- Configure windows size if circles are drawn elliptic

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 140 (August 2013)
- FED1+: Dimensioning by Material: Try different materials for your spring
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7: Database accesses reduced for faster calculation
- FED1+,5,6,7: Calculation method: Goodman diagramm with tauoz = 0.6 Rm for preset springs
- LG2: Quick View includes pE
- FED5: New Quick4 View
- FED5: New Production Drawing Quick3
- WN2: Span Width instead of over pin dimension configurable for Table DIN 5480:2006
- WN10: DIN 5482 database: 50x46 changed into 50x45
- Key code request as text file for "tap-proof" computers without internet access
- Configuration for larger text size

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 139 (June 2013)
- FED1+: Smith diagram
- FED8: Smith diagram
- FED8: Quick3 View
- FED2+: endless tension spring without coils
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11: GARBA177 PH and GARBA 177 Supreme added into material database
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11: copper alloy wires updated in material database
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11: wire diameter tolerance according to EN 12166 (copper alloys) added
- FED1+, FED6: life expectation in brackets, if tauk2>tauz or L2- FED6: buckling diagram
- FED6: number of active coils
- FED7: Quick4 View and production drawing Quick3
- FED4: Quick3 View
- FED4: friction calculation
- FED4: disk spring section, hatched
- FED4: Goodman chart according to DIN 2092 and to fed9wst.dbf material database
- WN2+: flank tolerances and addendum modification
- ZAR1+: Quick3 View with MKnom and material numbers

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 138 (April 2013)
- FED1+: New Quick 4 - View
- FED1+: New Production Drawing Quick3
- FED2+, FED6, FED3+, FED8: compression springs, tension springs and torsion springs made of hollow wire
- FED1+,FED2+,FED3+,FED5,FED6,FED7,FED8,FED11: Material database (priority) and database (complete)
- FED1+, FED5, FED6, FED7: tau-s Diagram
- FED2+: tau-s and Sigma-s Diagram
- FED1+: 12 Diagrams auf 1 screen
- FED6: Dimensioning for all wire shapes
- FED6: usable length Ln
- FED6: Quick3 View with spring drawings L0,L1,L2
- FED6: Quick3 View with tables extended by aw and Ln,sn,Fn,taun
- LG2: Printout completed.
- ZARXP: Modifications in input of dimensions

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 137 (February 2013)
- FED13: calculate open (coiled) wave springs
- FED1+: calculate compression springs from hollow wire (round tube wire)
- FED1+, FED2+, FED3+: calculate natural frequency of springs with square, rectangular and elliptic wire section
- FED1+: new diagrams for radial load and lateral deflection
- FED1+, FED2+, FED3+, FED9: W-s Diagram (spring energy)
- FED1+: Fn' added in characteristic spring curve
- FED2+: dimensioning/recalculation after modifications in loop or production data
- WN10: choose between tolerance system according to DIN 5480 or DIN 5482
- WL1+: automatic dimensioning outside shaft configurable
- ZAR1+: calculation method: KAH and KAF from load spectrum, calculate ball and pin diameter configurable
- ZAR6: tolerance diameter dT
- all programs: save menu language as option
- floating licence on terminal server

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 136 (December 2012)
- FED1+: Quick3 View with spring drawings in 3 lengths: L0, L1, L2
- FED1+: Quick3 View with F2,48h and printout with L0,48h after relaxation
- FED1+, FED3+, FED5, FED6, FED7: Goodman diagram: tauoz = tauz as calculation option
- FED1+, FED2+, FED3+, FED5, FED6, FED7, FED9: load cycles in brackets, if tauk2 > tauoz
- FED1+: Recalculation: alternative input of coil pitch P instead of number of coils n
- DXF2LOGO as command line version for 64 bit Windows
- HEXAGON Software under Windows 8

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 135 (November 2012)
- SR1+: multi-bolted flange calculation according to VDI 2230-2
- SR1/SR1+: twelve point flange bolts added
- SR1+: flange dimensions and load in Quick View
- FED5: spring energy diagram with W01, W02, W0c
- FED1+, 2+, 3+, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11: user-defined list of spring materials
- GEO2, GEO4, WN2, WN10, ZAR1, ZAR2, ZAR3, ZAR4, ZAR5, ZAR6: batch mode improved
- Windows 8: HEXAGON programs run also under Windows 8 as Apps

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 134 (September 2012)
- WN10: Tolerance Chart
- WN10: Quick3 View
- FED12: Quick3 View
- all Programs: draw detail from diagram with logarithmic scale

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 133 (July 2012)
- WN2/WN2+: Quick3 View
- WN5: Quick3 View
- FED1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,11: Titan Grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V) added to material database
- SR1/SR1+: description of clamping plates printed in table drawing and printout
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7: material description configurable in production drawing
- DI1: Demo versions (32-bit and 64-bit Windows)
- Seminars 2012/2013

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 132 (May 2012)
- DI1: new software for O-Ring Seals
- WN4, WN5: stresses and torque in Quick View
- WN4: new Quick3 View
- WN4: "Fillet Root Side Fit" with larger fillet radius
- Spring Materials: new standard EN 10270-1..3 and EN 10218-2, release 2012
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11: 10 new spring steel wires added in material database
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11: new tolerance classes T12,T13,T14,T15 according to EN 10270-3.
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11: tolerance classes predefined by material selected from database
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8: Rm, tau-d Diagram in logarithmic scale
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8: Rm,min und Rm,max as step function in tau-d diagram
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8: Rm Quick: Rm,tau-d diagram and table
- SR1: ISO 7380 hexagon-socket flat-headed screws added to sondkopf.dbf
- FED13: Goodman diagram
- FED13: operation temperature considered
- All Programs: 64-bit Windows version available (extra charge 20 EUR)

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 131 (March 2012)
- FED1+,FED2+,FED3+,FED5,FED6,FED7: Production Compensation in Quick3
- TR1, GEO1+: Square and Rectangular Tube with Chamfer
- TR1, GEO1+: Profile Name
- WN2+: Tooth Root Tolerance in Production Drawing
- ZM1: American Style Roller Chains added
- ZM1: Quick3 View
- LG1, WL1+, ZAR5: Double-row Angular Contact Ball Bearings
- LG1, WL1+, ZAR5: Needle Roller and Cage Assemblies
- FED3+: Input of Permissible Bending Stress
- All programs: Default filename at "File->Save As" and print to file.

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 130 (December 2011)
- FED1+: Wire length and spring weight for high-pitch springs
- FED2+: Recalculation for coil distance a>0
- FED2+: Quick3 View Goodman Diagram
- FED2+: Self-Defined Loops
- FED3+: Spring Body Length LKalpha for coil distance a>0
- WN2, WN4, WN5: Comparison of tolerance system
- WN2+: Additional fits for internal spline
- WN5: Tolerance chart
- WN4: Tolerance chart
- WN2, WN4, WN5: Torsional Backlash jt and jv

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 129 (October 2011)
- ZAR1+: table with roll angle
- ZAR1+,2,3+,5,6: material in production drawing
- FED1+: numerical values for temperature dependant data
- FED1+: self-defined tolerances in EN15800 drawing
- FED1+: Quick3 with FQ and m ext
- GEO3: distortion w0 for combinatation cylinder-cylinder and cylinder-plain
- all Programs: configure N/mm or MPa
- DI1: new Software for O rings

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 128 (August 2011)
- SR1 - input of material data for clamping plates
- SR1 - input of elasticity for clamping plates
- GEO3 - no calculation of deformation and spring rate for cylinder-cylinder and cylinder-plane
- ZAR6 - true-scale drawing of pionion and crown wheel
- ZARXP - Dimension over balls instead of dimension over pins
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,9: life cycles and lifetime in case of error messages

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 127 (June 2011)
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,11: More 12 hot-rolled spring steel materials added to material database
- SR1+ Pre-Dimension: steps instead of factors displayed as input help
- ZAR1+: YNT and ZNT added to strength calculation option "enter factors"
- ZAR1+,2,3,4,5,6: strength values according to Dubbel updated in material database
- WL1+: Input of F, q, Mb, Fx in a table
- Database: Search with decimal sign . and ,
- Units: metric, English, "kilo-metric"

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 126 (April 2011)
- FED2+: production drawing according to DIN 2099-2:2004
- FED2+: Quick3 view with Goodman diagram of loop bending stress
- FED1+: load cycle frequency in 1/s instead of 1/min on production drawing
- ZAR1+, ZAR5: DIN 58412 tool dimensions added to tooth profile database
- WN2+: tables modified for non-standard splines
- SR1: washer material from mat_p_1.dbf
- HEXAGON network license is network floating license
- network license type station-bound and user-bound no longer available

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 125 (February 2011)
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,9: life cycles printed for tauk2- FED1+,2+,3+: export dbf, xls
- ZAR1+,ZAR5: virtual number of teeth zn, and conversion helical gear -> spur gear
- ZAR1+,ZAR5: calculation of micro gears
- ZAR1+,ZAR5: deviations according to DIN 3961 for mn>=1 only
- ZAR1+,ZAR5: settings for profile drawings saved

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 124 (December 2010)
- WL1+ Quick3 View
- FED10 Quick3 View
- WN4: Span Width W over k teeth
- ZAR3+: Permissible Deviations according to DIN 3974-1
- ZAR3+: Output Power and Output Torque according to Niemann and DIN 3996
- FED11, WN1: Drawing name, drawing number and remarks in Quick view
- HEXAGON Mechanical Engineering Base Package for 4900 EUR

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 123 (October 2010)
- FED3+: influence of leg bending on spring rate
- FED3+: influence of database changes on leg angles
- WN1: stress diagrams for stepped hubs
- WN1: curves of pressure and torque for stepped hubs
- WN1: Quick3 View
- ZAR1+ load spectrum: eliminate no-load intervals
- ZAR1+ tooth shape: transverse section and normal section

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 122 (August 2010)
- ZAR3/ZAR3+: Recalculation of worm gear
- ZAR3/ZAR3+: Printout clearance c
- ZAR3/ZAR3+: Printout base daiameter db in Quick View
- all Programs: Configure ACTUAL file

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 121 (Juni 2010)
- LG1, WL1+, ZAR5: Roller bearing databases updated
- LG1, WL1+, ZAR5: Modified Reference Rating Life according to DIN ISO 281:2009
- FED1+: Coil Pitch, Coil Distance, deltaDe
- FED1+, FED9: Spring Energy W0c
- FED1+, FED2+, FED3+ FED5: Quick3: Table with Quality Grades to EN 15800
- Production Drawing: Output without Drawing Header

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 120 (April 2010)
- ZAR1+: Quick3 View
- ZAR5: Planet gear bedding on two roller bearings
- WL1+: shaft notch according to DIN 471
- WL1+: Drawing of roller bearing
- FED3+: Lk alpha and Di alpha at load against coiling direction
- FED2+, FED3+, FED9: Hide warnings
- FED1+, FED2+, FED5: tau/Rm coefficient
- FED1+: Production drawing without Fn and Ln
- GEO4: n>1 for sinusoidal cams
- ZAR4: n>1 for sinusoidal noncircular gears
- WN2+: modify tooth thickness and tooth gap width
- Design your individual start screen

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 119 (February 2010)
- FED1+,2+,9: Calculate additional spring loads
- FED1+: negative deflection on radial force FQ ?
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,9: Goodman Diagram in Quick3 View for application "dynamic" only
- FED3+: choose recalculation or re-dimensioning after material change
- WN9: select ISO tolerance
- ZARXP: negative number of teeth and diameters for internal gears and splines
- ZARXP Demo: http://www.hexagon.de/zip/zarp_e32.zip

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 118 (December 2009)
- FED1+,2+,3+: Calculation with 1 load and 1 spring travel configurable
- FED3+: Recalculation configurable: Input alpha1 and alpha2, or alpha2 and alphah, or alphah and delta2
- FED9: Quick3-View
- FED9: Rectangle profile (flat) with round edge
- ZAR5: View reference profile
- TR1: Diagrams with imperial units
- Kaspersky Antivir Software makes problems

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 117 (October 2009)
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7: Tolerances for fatigue strength values and load cycles
- FED1+: S-N Diagram
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7: configurable result graphic for online input
- SR1+: Quick View
- ZAR1+, ZAR5: Tooth profile in pre-machined state with prouberance tool
- ZAR1+, ZAR5: suggestion for machining allowance
- ZAR1+: View->Tooth Contact Varia problems
- DXFPLOT: 32-bit Version
- Windows 7: HEXAGON software runs on Windows 7 without any problem.

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 116 (August 2009)
- ZAR1+, ZAR5: Input of life time factors YNT and ZNT
- ZAR1+, ZAR5: SigmaFlim, SigmaFE
- FED1+, FED5, FED6, FED7: EN 15800 replaces DIN 2095
- FED1+, FED6: determine different quality grade for F1 and F2, e1 and e2
- all programs: configure header line, file name, date and company logo in production drawing
- ZARXP replaces ZARXE

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 115 (June 2009)
- New Software ZARXP for Involute Profiles
- TOLPASS, TOL1, WN1, LG2: ISO tolerances until 3150 mm
- TOLPASS: optimized input window
- FED1+, FED2+, FED6: Quick2 View for springs of rectangulare and elliptic wire
- WN4, ZAR1+: recommended pin and ball diameter rounded in inches
- WN4: pin diameter listed with 4 digits

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 114 (April 2009)
- FED2+, FED3+, FED5, FED6, FED7: Quick3-View with spring drawing, load-extension diagram and Goodman diagram on one page
- all programs: configure result graphic (Quick View)
- production drawing: max. 25 changes, latest 8 changes listed on drawing
- FED13: load density from database, print weight of wave spring
- GEO1+, TR1: drawing with/without hatching and main axes
- GEO1+,GEO2,GEO3,GEO4,LG1,LG2: preview by means of "File Open (Table)"
- ZAR1+ Tip diameter with/without addendum reduction kmn
- WL1+: 3D drawing with shaft as polygon body
- ZM1: production drawings with chain wheels 1+2
- file problems if dot in folder name

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 113 (February 2009)
- WL1+: Calculate hoollow gears with conical bore
- FED1+: Quick3-View with spring drawing, load-extension diagram and Goodman diagram on one page
- SR1: Draw large clamping plates using break lines
- FED12: Calculate buckling load
- FED12: Animation with load-extension diagram
- ZAR1+: Tooth root fillet for protuberance profile and finishing allowance
- ZAR5: Input of tooth height factors improved

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 112 (December 2008)
- ZAR1+, ZAR3+: calculate tooth thickness tolerance from min/max addendum modification coefficient
- ZAR1+: input of tooth height factors, fillets and chamfers improved
- SR1: hexagon socket countersunk head screws (ISO 10642)
- SR1: tightening torque of countersunk head screws
- SR1: surface pressure for washers
- FED3+: tolerance of bending radius and bending angle for cranked legs
- FED9: stress concentration coefficient kb
- IGES files: use short file names

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 111 (October 2008)
- WN5: Involute splines according to ISO 4156 or ANSI B92.2M
- WN5: Tolerance graphic tooth thickness / tooth gap
- WN2/WN2+: Designations according to DIN 5480:2006
- WN2/WN2+: Data table according to 5480:2006 added
- WN2/WN2+: Tolerance graphic tooth thickness / tooth gap
- FED3+: Diagram sigma perm = f (d) and Rm = f (d)

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 110 (August 2008)
- SR1: bolts with thread until head (ISO 4017)
- SR1: thread strip safety calculated with Rm,max
- SR1: engaged thread length for incomplete thread at bolt end
- SR1: surface pressure based on area of elongation body
- SR1: washers according to ISO 7089, ISO 7092, ISO 7093-1, DIN 7349 added to database
- SR1: shear stress ratio 0.6 for aluminium alloy (earlier 0.4)
- SR1: calculation method with/without thread strip safety for FSmax
- SR1: calculation method FM,MA with d2max, d3max or nominal size
- FED1,2,3,5,6,7,8,11: modifications in tensile strength for spring wire to EN 10270-3 (stainless steel) and VDC
- WN3: database and calculation for parallel keys to ANSI B17.1
- ZAR1+,ZAR3+,ZAR5,WN4,WN5: tooth root curve in tooth profile drawing improved

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 109 (June 2008)
- WN11: new software for shaft-hub joints with Woodruff key
- SR1: load-extension diagram working cond. min.
- SR1: negative axial force FA (compression) considered in safety margin against loosening
- SR1: Preview table extended to 30 columns
- FED1+: Preview table extended by mass
- FED2+: Pre-Dimensioning F1, F2, sh, phi, F0

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 108 (April 2008)
- SR1+: alternative material database for in-plant material data
- SR1+: temperature dependancy of material properties
- SR1+: new input window for nut or blind hole
- FED3+: relaxation
- FED7: coil diameter and wire diameter of end coils
- FED9,10,13: new material data added to material database: Inconel,Nimonic,Monel,Hastelloy,Titan
- FED4: material database with 49 materials
- FED4: Quick View
- WST1: about 100 new materials added
- WN1: material name changed to EN standard
- WN2+,3,6,7,8,9,10,11,GEO2,3,WL1+,TR1: material database WST1BASE.DBF with 940 materials
- ZAR1+,2,3+,4,5,6: material database: material name changed to EN standard
- ZAR4: pitch curve as polynominal function, or eccentric element, or calculate polynominal function from coordinates
- GEO4: cam geometry as polynominal function, or as eccentric element, or calculate polynominal function from coordinates
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7,8,9,11: Material database modifications and extensions

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 107 (February 2008)
- WN1: Mounting force for tapered interference fit with stepped hub
- WN1: Assembly temperature for cylindrical interference fits modified
- SR1: Bolt data: new input window
- SR1: Thread strip safety, chamfer and cone considered
- ZAR1+: True-scale drawing of gear pair
- ZAR1+, ZAR2, ZAR6: Input speed and torque of gear 2
- GEO3: Deformation and spring rate for cylinder-cylinder und cylinder-plain
- FED1,2,3,5,6,7,11: Database button Spring materials
- FED1,2,3,5,6,7,11: New spring wire "Springflex"

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 106 (December 2007)
- ZAR3: Diagrams Safety Factors according to Niemann and DIN 3996
- ZAR3: New Distribution Graphic for Efficiency of Worm Gear
- WN2,4,5,10: View Menu newly structured and extended
- SR1: Print Macro
- Command Line mode (all programs): new Option "/NOGUI"
- Bugfix Memory Overflow on TeraByte Drives

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 105 (October 2007)
- SR1: calculate life expectation from safety factor SD
- ZAR3: Lubricant Kl bersynth GH 6
- FED1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9: Print Macro
- FED3: FAQ stress correction coefficient q
- Plot true-scale drawing with DXFPLOT
- Time, date, description added in printout and production drawings

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 104 (August 2007)
- FED3+: load-travel diagram in polar coordinates
- FED11: opening width e under load
- FED11: animation and drawing of deformated spring lock
- FED11: stress coefficient q
- FED11: calculate inner spring locks and clamping sleeves
- FED11: new price 210 Euro
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7: production drawing includes spring weight
- SR1+: input window for flange load
- TOL1, TOL2: decimal digits adjustable

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 103 (June 2007)
- WN10: New Software for Involute Splines according to DIN 5482
- WN1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9: Preview
- WN2: CAD Table with OPD instead of Span Width
- ZAR1,2,3,4,5,6: Preview
- ZAR2, ZAR3+, ZAR5, ZAR6: Quick View includes Drawing
- ZAR6: Load Spectrum
- WL1+, TR1: Preview
- Production Drawing: Modification Index
- HEXAGON Software on 64-bit Windows

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 102 (April 2007)
- FED2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13: File-Preview
- FED1+,2+,6: Modifications of Stress Coefficient k
- FED5: Correction of Stress Coefficient k
- ZAR3+: Tooth Contact Drawing for self-defined position
- ZAR3+: Dimension over Pins for single start worms
- WN2+: Calculation method for DIN 5482 profiles
- HEXAGON Software and Microsoft Vista

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 101 (February 2007)
- WN9: New Software for Spline Shaft Connections
- FED1+: extended preview
- FED2: signs Lkn,skn,Fkn changed
- FED3+: Load-Angle Diagram with tolerance zones
- FED3: Factor 0.7 for permissible bending stress/Rm configurable
- FED6: Statistical Calculation of Rejects
- SR1: Preload Fpre
- SR1: MApre, FApre, Fpre as option
- SR1: FApre and Fpre considered for eccentric applications
- SR1: Database for Hexagon Socket Head Screws and Hex Flange Screws updated
- WST1: Preview
- ZAR1+, ZAR3+: Tooth Contact Graphic with d and dw
- ZAR3+: Animation

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 100 (December 2006)
- FED1+: Load spectrum for dynamically high-stressed compression springs
- FED1+, ZAR1+, SR1+: Preview at "File->Open (Table)"
- FED1+,2+,3+,5,6,7: Select surface protection
- FED6 Char.Line F,R-L: Calculate central turning point
- WN2, WN8: Input power, speed, torque
- "Courier New" for text printout
- WN9 Splined shaft connections DIN ISO 14

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 99 (Oktober 2006)
- FED1+ File-Preview
- FED1+, FED2+ Spring database: Append all fed files or fd2 files to spring catalogue
- FED6: Define characteristic curve of spring by input of spring rate, load , length.
- FED6, FED7: Animation and spring drawing improved
- FED6, FED7: Draft (spring section drawing), blocked sections marked
- FED6: Control dimension coil distance
- SR1: Pre-Dimension to VDI 2230:2003
- SR1: Thread strip safety to Dose
- WN5: Tolerances changed for minor diameter and major diameter

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 98 (August 2006)
- FED5: Dimensioning - Calculation of conical compression springs from spring load and spring travel
- TOL1: Free size tolerances according to new standards DIN ISO 2768-1 and EN 12420
- TOL1: New input window for free size tolerances
- TOL1: long text (60 characters) for description of elements
- Configuration: Size factor for text size of dimension figures
- FED1..11: high-tensile valve spring wires added to database. Download updated fedwst.dbf from our server
- DXF2LOGO: Production drawing with your logo - DXF2LOGO tool converts dxf file into dx$ logo file "http://www.hexagon.de/history/files/dxf2logo.exe"

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 97 (June 2006)
- WN2+ (plus version): Involute splines for special tooth shape and design of partner splines
- FED3+: Input of leg angle for torsion spring drawing
- FED5: Configure to calculate block length Lc from d or from dmax
- FED6: Mirror function for spring segments (symmetrical spring coils)
- FED9: Calculate coil distance a1, a2
- FED9: Draw spiral spring on any assembly angle
- GEO1+, TR1: Generate profiles: circular, tube, polygon, polygon tube
- GEO4: Calculate stroke for bucket tappets and roller tappets
- TR1: Calculate natural frequency of girder
- ZAR1: CAD tooth shape by two mouse clicks
- ZAR5: New input window for bedding of pinion shaft to DIN 3990 part 1

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 96 (April 2006)
- ZAR5: calculates planet angles on carrier for asymmetric assembly
- ZAR3: pre-dimension for worm gears more comfortable
- ZAR3: max. external diameter of worm wheel self-definable
- ZAR3: input gamma_m at worm gear dimensions
- ZAR3+: extended worm gear calculation incl. tooth shape drawings, tolerances, gear quality, dimensions over pins/balls, variable tooth height
- ZAR1+: running-in value calculated to method B (influences Kv, KFalpha, KHalpha, KF , KH )
- ZAR1+: new diagram: safety = f (gear quality)
- ZAR1+: more convenient input window for strength calculation according to DIN 3990 part 1-3
- ZAR1+: gear rack-pinion: calculates center distance from rack until axis of pinion
- FED2+: calculation of extension springs with space between coils
- FED6: input spring sections with online output for drawing and Quick view
- TOL1,TOL2: maximum numbers of limits increased

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 95 (February 2006)
- WN8: calculates serration splines to DIN 5481, or self-defined
- WN8: export of true-scale serration splines into CAD
- WN5: involute splines to ISO 4156
- FED1..13: animation and spring drawings of any length
- FED6: spring specifications added to printout
- SR1: Washers to DIN 6796 added to clamping plate database

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 94 (December 2005)
- WN8: New software for splined connections (serration) according to 5481
- WN2: Calculation of load capacity according to DIN 5466 draft replaced by calculation according to Niemann (release 2005)
- WL1+: Critical speed for shaft on 3, 4, 5 bearings and fixed clamping
- WL1+: New input window for external mass
- FED5: Shear stress of conical springs with pitch ratio < 1
- FED7: Comfortable input and control of spring sections by table and Excel
- ZARXE: extended limits, gap width added

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 93 (October 2005)
- All programs: Menu language can be switched English, German, Korean...
- All programs: Insert self-defined text in drawings with header (production drawing).
- TOL1: dimension chain with tolerance percentage
- ZAR1+: computing after quick input
- ZAR2: Pre-Diemensioning with new comfortable input window
- ZAR4: Polygon shape gears
- ZAR5: Planet gear with roll-contact bearings
- GEO4: Polygon shape cam disk
- WN2: Tolerance field online calculation
- LG1: Comfortable input window for radial load and axial load

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 92 (August 2005)
- ZAR1+: New input windows for rack-pinion, ring gear and involute splines.
- ZAR1+: Fix a, x1, x2 for input of center distance / addendum modification.
- ZAR4: Noncircular gears of constant tooth pitch.
- FED5: Input of coil diameter for conical springs De, Di, Dm: configure external/internal/center

HEXAGON Info Letter No. 91 (June 2005)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 90 (April 2005)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 89 (February 2005)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 88 (December 2004)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 87 (October 2004)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 86 (August 2004)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 85 (June 2004)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 84 (April 2004)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 83 (February 2004)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 82 (December 2003)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 81 (October 2003)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 80 (August 2003)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 79 (June 2003)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 78 (April 2003)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 77 (February 2003)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 76 (December 2002)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 75 (October 2002)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 74 (August 2002)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 73 (June 2002)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 72 (April 2002)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 71 (February 2002)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 70 (December 2001)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 69 (Oktober 2001)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 68 (August 2001)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 67 (Juni 2001)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 66 (April 2001)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 65 (February 2001)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 64 (December 2000)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 63 (October 2000)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 62 (August 2000)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 61 (June 2000)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 60 (April 2000)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 59 (February 2000)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 58 (December 1999)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 57 (October 1999)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 56 (August 1999)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 55 (June 1999)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 54 (April 1999)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 53 (February 1999)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 52 (December 1998)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 51 (October 1998)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 50 (August 1998)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 49 (June 1998)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 48 (April 1998)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 47 (February 1998)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 46 (December 1997)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 45 (October 1997)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 44 (August 1997)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 43 (June 1997)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 42 (April 1997)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 41 (Feb. 1997)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 40 (Nov/Dec 1996)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 39 (Sept/Oct 1996)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 38 (July/August 1996)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 37 (May/June 1996)
HEXAGON Info Letter No. 36 (March/April 1996, pdf, deutsch)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 35 (Februar 1996, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 34 (Dezember 1995, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 33 (Oktober 1995, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 32 (August 1995, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 31 (Juni 1995, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 30 (April 1995, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 29 (Februar 1995, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 28 (Januar 1995, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 27 (Dezember 1994, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 26 (Oktober 1994, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 25 (August 1994, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 24 (Juni 1994, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 23 (April 1994, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 22 (Februar 1994, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 21 (Dezember 1993, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 20 (Oktober 1993, pdf)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 19 (August 1993)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 18 (Juni 1993)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 17 (April 1993)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 16 (Februar 1993)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 15 (Dezember 1992)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 14 (Oktober 1992)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 13 (August 1992)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 12 (Juni 1992)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 11 (April 1992)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 10 (Februar 1992)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 9 (Dezember 1991)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 8 (Oktober 1991)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 7 (August 1991)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 6 (Juni 1991)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 5 (April 1991)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 4 (Februar 1991)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 3 (Dezember 1990)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 2 (Oktober 1990)
HEXAGON Infobrief Nr. 1 (September 1990)