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T O L 1

Tolerance Calculation Software

(C) Copyright 1987-2018 by HEXAGON Software, Berlin

The TOL1 software helps you to reduce both the time spent calculating dimension chains and the potential sources of errors to a minimum. In future, you can calculate tolerances simply by generating a diagram of the elements and a table of all the relevant dimensions and tolerances - TOL1 takes care of the rest.

You can then adjust and optimize every single dimension and tolerance on your PC until all the design requirements are fulfilled. Finally, TOL1 prints out a table containing all the input and result data, ready for you to file away in your project folder. To make sure that you create your design according to a logical system, all the most important dimension layers are numbered consecutively and the dimensions, tolerances and dependencies are entered in a table. TOL1 then calculates the maximum and minimum dimensions between any desired distance within the dimension chain.

Free Size Tolerances

TOL1 takes account of free size tolerances for general mechanical engineering in accordance with ISO 2768, for molded plastic parts in accordance with DIN 16742, for extruded parts in accordance with EN 12420 and for punched parts in accordance with DIN 6930.

ISO Tolerances

The program includes all ISO tolerances in accordance with ISO 286. If you enter "H7", for example, TOL1 will automatically take account of the upper and lower deviations in the calculation, according to the specified nominal dimension.

Statistical distribution methods

The maximum and minimum dimensions in the dimension chain are calculated as the arithmetic sum (worst case), as well as from the square root of the tolerance squares (normal distribution).

The statistical method, which is based on the normal distribution of all dimensions according to the bell-shaped Gaussian curve, is used above all for series-manufactured parts. The anticipated reject ratio can thus be estimated right from the design phase with the aid of the results of the statistical evaluation. You can display the dimension chain, which is made up of all the relevant elements, in the form of a graph on the screen. There is also a function for showing the distribution according to the bellshaped Gaussian curve for any desired distance.

HEXAGON Help System

You can call up the HEXAGON help system, containing text and graphical information about all inputs, anywhere in the program. If you are confronted with an error message, you can also display a description of the error as well as the possible courses of action.

Scope of supply

TOL1 program, user manual (pdf), input forms, License granting unrestricted rights of use.


HEXAGON guarantees for a period of 24 months that the software will perform the specified functions.

Software Updates, Hotline

We are constantly endeavoring to extend and improve the HEXAGON software. Our customers are kept informed about updates and new features at regular intervals.

Download TOL1 Demo for Windows 7/8/10 (463 kB)

Introduction to Tolerance Calculation method by means of TOL1

TOL1 Application Example

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