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F E D 3 +

Software for Calculation of Helical Torsion Springs

(C) Copyright 1990-2019 by HEXAGON Software, Berlin

Torsion Spring Calculation

FED3+ provides two methods for calculating cylindrical torsion springs:

The FED3+ software obtains the characteristic values for the most important spring materials from the integrated material database (tensile strength, bending strength, shearing modulus, modulus of elasticity, density). This saves you from searching in tables and reading out the characteristic values. The software also calculates the tolerance for the wire diameter according to DIN 2076 and 2077, as well as the permissible deviation from coil diameter, spring load, leg angle, leg length, bending angle and bending radius in accordance with DIN 2194. The legs may be fixed clamped or holded, tangential or bended.

On-Line Input

On-line input provides the advantage of having the most important entries and results together on the screen with possible warnings and error messages. After each entry, a new calculation is carried out in a split second. This means you can easily try out different variations or carry out a tolerance analysis.


You can have the input values and calculation results printed out on three pages. Torques with their rotation angles, stresses, dimensions with tolerances, spring work, wire lengths and so on, are calculated. Warnings and error messages appear on the screen when permissible tensions, spring positions, and DIN limitations are exceeded.


The spring characteristic curve as a diagram made up of rotation angle and torque, as well as a Quick output with characteristic line and the most important characteristic values are displayed graphically on screen. With dynamic load, you can ascertain the safety margin for failure and the expected life expectancy from the Goodman diagram. Each screen graphic can be printed on any Windows printer, or exported to CAD via DXF and IGES interface.

Spring Drawing

A true-scale spring drawing for any spring angle is displayed on screen, export of the drawing to CAD is also possible. FED3+ also generates a 3D drawing of the centerline.

Production Drawings with FED3+

FED3+ allows you to produce a complete production drawing which can be printed or exported into CAD.

CAD Interface

Coupling of FED3+ with CAD and Desk Top Publishing systems via DXF and IGES interfaces.

User Interface

FED3+ provides a comfortable user interface, which enables users with little computer experience to work easily. A help picture and text can be called up for each input. When you start the demo mode, an example is automatically run through and calculated on screen.

Hard and Software Requirements

FED3+ is available as 32-bit and 64-bit application for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Scope of Delivery

FED3+ program, user manual (pdf), License agreement for an indefinite period of time.


HEXAGON gives a 24 month guarantee on full functionality of the software.

Software Maintenance, Hotline

HEXAGON Software is continuously improved and updated. Customers will be informed regularly of updates and new editions.

Download FED3+ Demo for Windows 7/8/10 (736 kB)

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