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Software for Involute Profiles

(C) Copyright 2009-2024 by HEXAGON, Berlin, Kirchheim, Neidlingen

ZARXP software calculates dimensions and geometrical profile of involute gears and splines (external/internal) from few input data.

Tooth profile may be displayed on screen, and exported as true-scale drawing to CAD via DXF or IGES file.

ZARXP also calculates measuring dimensions span width, dimension between pins and balls. And you can use measuring dimensions and tooth thickness as input data to calculate missing dimensions.


Enter pressure angle, helix angle, root diameter and tip diameter or tooth height coefficients, number of teeth, module or normal pitch, addendum modification coefficient x. ZARXP calculates gearing data and generates tooth profile.


Tolerances are not considered by ZARXP. To get limit values, you could run multiple calculations with min/max/average tolerances. Or use ZAR1+ software.

Measuring Dimensions

ZARXP calculates span width and dimension between pins and balls. Number of teeth measured and pin/ball diameter may be edited. You also can input measuring dimensions, and ZARXP calculates profile shift coefficient x.

Drawing Table

Drawing table with gear data can be printed or exported to CAD.

Tooth Profile

True-scale drawings of tooth gap, gear and reference profile can be generated as DXF oir IGES files.

Reference Profile

Addendum and dedendum tooth height coefficients can be entered, or be calculated from tip diameter and tooth root diameter. Tooth protuberance and chamfer is not supported by ZARXP (use ZAR1+ instead).


  • get tooth profile drawings of external and internal gear wheels or involute splines for your CAD software or CNC machining center
  • calculate unknown profile shift factor and tooth height coefficients for an existing gear
  • convert dimension over pins and balls, span width, tooth thickness and profile shift factor, if only one of these items is known.
  • calculate measuring dimensions for different premachining and finishing conditions (milled, hardened, ground, coated) by variation of tooth thickness.
  • generate STL files and print spur gears on 3D printer.

    Download ZARXP Demo for Windows (540 kB)

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