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W N 9

Software for Spline Shaft Connections according to ISO 14

(C) Copyright 2006-2024 by HEXAGON Software, Berlin

Calculation Base

WN9 calculates dimensions and tolerances of spline shaft connections with staright flanks according to DIN ISO 14, DIN 5471, DIN 5472, DIN 5464, SAE J499a. Non-standardized or self-defined profiles may also be calculated.

Flank pressure and safety number is calculated according to Niemann (Maschinenelemente 1, 2005)

A true-scale profile drawing is generated by WN9. Via DXF/IGES interface, it may be exported into your CAD system.


This option calculates an appropriate size for the spline shaft connection from a given torque.


Standard sizes may be selected from the integrated database. Or you can input the dimensions for your self-defined spline connection.


Integrated profile database includes standard sizes of DIN ISO 14, DIN 5471, DIN 5472, DIN 5464 and SAE J499a. Material database includes material data of most essential steel materials. All database files may be modified and extended by the user.


ISO-Tolerances for sliding fit, transition fit or interference fit (according to DIN ISO 14, DIN 5471 or DIN 5472) may be suggested by WN9. Or you can directly enter ISO tolerances.

Load Capacity

WN9 calculates safety against overriding permissible flank pressure from torque, material data and application coefficients.

Quick View

Quick view shows profile drawing and tables of the most essential results on one screen.


Calculation results may be printed, saved as HTML file, copied into clipboard, or exported into MS-Excel.

Drawings and Tables

WN9 generates true-scale profile drawing of shaft profile and hub profile to be loaded into CAD. WN9 also generates tables with dimensions and tolerances.

Production Drawing

Dimensioned drawings and tables of the tooth profile may be printed or exported to CAD by DXF/IGES file. Drawing information and changes are defined in WN9.

Export Formats


Import Formats

TXT, DBF, Excel, WN9.

System Requirements

WN9 runs under Windows 11, 10, 8, 7.

Download WN9 Demo for Windows (635 kB)

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