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G E O 4

Software for calculation of Cam and Cam Shaft Drives

(C) Copyright 1999-2024 by HEXAGON Software, Berlin

GEO4 calculates stroke, speed and acceleration of cams and cam shafts. The curve shape can be loaded from DXF file, defined by mathematical functions, or entered as x/y coordinates. Standard shapes like ellipse, sine, sine-linear can be generated by GEO4.

Standard output prints all results to screen or printer. Or it can be exported as HTML document or Excel file.

Stroke as function of the cam angle, speed and acceleration of the ram are displayed as diagram.

By an animation, rotation of cam and movement of ram is simulated on screen.

Graphics Output
Cam curve and a table drawing with geometry and essential results can be printed or plotted by any Windows printer.

CAD Interface
Cam curve, drawings, diagrams and tables can be exported as DXF- or IGES files, and loaded with CAD and DTP software. Layers, Colours and text font can be configured.

DXF Import
You can import the cam geometry as polyline from dxf file, instead of entering the coordinates.

Coordinate transformation
The cam curve coordinate can be scaled, rotated, shifted and mirrored.

Formula parser
Instead of entering or importing the coordinate points, you can define the cam curve by up to 10 mathematical functions of cam angle phi for the variable cam radius. The geometrical functions "+ - * / SIN COS ARCTAN LN LOG EXP FAK SQR SQRT PI E X" can be used therefore. Any formula defines a specified validity interval, i.e. f(x)=100 for phi=0 to phi=60 , f(x)=100+X for phi=60 until phi=180 , and so on.

Standard Cams Curves

The standard shapes ellipse, sine, sine-linear, polygone, eccenter and cam curve are pre-defined. GEO4 generates the cam geometry, you only have to enter few parameters.

Table drawing
The table drawing shows cam geometry in a coordinate system, together with a table of the calculation results.

STL Interface
You can create cam profile as STL file and produce the cam by means of a 3D printer.

HEXAGON Help System
For each input there is a help text and auxiliary picture of the utilized denominations available in the HEXAGON Help System. GEO4 displays warnings and error messages when exceeding a limit. For every error message you can have a description and remedy suggestion.

System Requirements
GEO4 is available as 32-bit or 64-bit application for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7.

Scope of delivery
GEO4 program, sample data, auxiliary pictures and help text, User manual (pdf), License agreement for indefinate period of time.

HEXAGON gives a 24 month guarantee on full functionality of the software.

Information and Update Service
HEXAGON Software is continuously improved and updated. Customers are regularly informed about updates and new programs.

Download GEO4 Demo for Windows (770 kB)

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