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Software for Determination of Addendum Modification from Dimension over Balls, Dimension over Pins, Span Measurement and Tooth Thickness

(C) Copyright 1988-2009 by HEXAGON, Berlin

The addendum modification coefficient for an existing gear can be calculated with ZARXE. Basic input values are: pressure angle, helix angle, modulus and number of teeth. The addendum modification coefficient of the gear wheel can be determined from dimension over balls, dimension over pins, span measurement, or tooth thickness. The program can be used for spur and helical gears or ring gears with involute toothing, as well as for external and internal involute splines. Import functions for ZAR1+, WN2, WN4 and WN5 allow to import the input data from our other programs for gears and involute splines. ZARXE supports metric and imperial units.

ZARXE can also be used to calculate dimension over pins/balls and span measurement for different premachining conditions of the gear or spline by input of the tooth thickness.

And you can calculate dimension over pins/balls, span measurement, tooth thickness and addendum modification coefficient, if only one of these values is known.
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