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Z A R 1 W

Involute Gear Wheel Dimensions

(C) Copyright 2014-2020 by HEXAGON Software, Berlin

ZAR1W calculates dimensions and tolerances of externally and internally toothed spur and helical gear wheels .

Tooth Thickness Tolerance

You can select tolerance field according to DIN 3967, or directly input Asne and Asni. ZAR1W calculates generated profile shift factors xemin and xemax, and measurement dimensions (OPD and span width).

Tooth Flank Tolerances

ZAR1W calculates tooth flank tolerances according to ISO 1328-1:2013, or to DIN 3961:1978.

Measuring Dimensions

ZAR1W calculates span measurement, dimensions over or between balls or pins. Number of teeth measured and pin/ball diameter can be modified.

Reference Profile

Addendum and dedendum coefficients can be entered or selected from database. ZAR1W handles also tool profiles with protuberance and chamfer.

Calculation Results

ZAR1W offers various possibilities: tables with toothing data, measuring dimensions and tolerances, drawings of gear wheel, tooth gap and reference profile, Quick views with tables and drawings on one page, production drawings A3 and A4, production sheet.

Tooth Profile

Drawings of tooth gap, gear wheel and reference profile can be printed, or generated as true-scale CAD drawing.

Production Drawing

A production drawing can be printed or exported to CAD as dxf or iges file.


Units can be switched between metric (mm) and imperial (inch).

HEXAGON Help System

As with all HEXAGON programs ZAR1W can provide you with a help text and auxiliary picture for each input. Help texts and auxiliary pictures can be modified and appended by the user as required. When error messages occur you can have a description and remedy suggestion displayed.

Hardware and Software Requirements

ZAR1W runs with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Scope of Delivery

ZAR1W program and pdf manual, license agreement for an indefinite period of time.

Information and Update Service

HEXAGON Software is continuously improved and updated. Customers are always informed about updates and news.

Download ZAR1W Demo for Windows (821 kB)

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