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Roll-contact Bearing Software

(C) Copyright 1992-2020 by HEXAGON Software, Berlin

Roller Bearing Calculation with LG1

The LG1 software calculates the bearing lifetime for grooved ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, needle bushes, cylinder roller bearings, taper roller bearings and self-aligning roll bearings according to DIN. Modified lifetime according to specifications of the roller bearing manufacturers can also be calculated when you input the data for lubricant viscosity, bearing temperature and life expectancy. For an accurate calculation which takes lubricant gap cleanliness into account you can either enter your own data for the lubricant and material factor a23 or a ISO (according to DIN ISO 281), or have LG1 calculate it for you. You can enter the middle radial and/or axial force directly, or have them calculated by LG1 from the load collective, static and alternating force components or constantly increasing force.

Data Base

LG1 loads all dimensions and bearing data from the integrated data base so that you only have to choose the required bearing. The package includes data on 600 grooved ball bearings, 100 self-aligning ball bearings, 65 needle bushes, 170 needle bearings, 500 cylinder roller bearings, 300 taper roller bearings, 360 self-aligning roller bearings, 60 angular contact ball bearings, 50 two-row angular contact ball bearings, 230 needle roller cage. Dimensions, support data, permissable speed are provided by the SKF and INA (needle bushes) companies. The data base files use the common DBF (xBase) format and can be modified and appended as required. An info field is provided for your own input.

Graphic and CAD Interface

The roller bearing which was selected from the database can be displayed on screen or sent as a true-scale drawing to CAD via DXF or IGES file. Dimensions available in the data base are used for generating the drawing, which means that newly entered bearings can also be drawn.


Bearing data and load values can be displayed on screen as tables, or generated as DXF or IGES files and included in the CAD drawing.

Life Expectancy Diagrams

You can have a life expectancy curve generated for the bearing dependent on radial or axial force, speed, temperature or lubricant viscosity.

Graphic Help Function

Integrated help texts and pictures ensure a short familiarization time and provide a quick overview, for example with the explanations for data base symbols.

Text Printout

The calculation results, along with the input data can be displayed on screen, printed out, saved to file or, with the Windows version sent to the clipboard for use in other word-processing programs.

Hard and Software Requirements

LG1 is available as 32-bit or 64-bit application for Windows 10/8/7.

Scope of Delivery

The LG1 Package includes program with sample files, help pictures and texts, manual (pdf), license agreement for an indefinate period of time.

Information and Update Service

HEXAGON Software is continuously improved and updated. Customers will be informed regularly of updates and new editions. Licensees will be able to obtain new versions at the update price.


HEXAGON gives a 24 month guarantee on full functionality of the software. We provide support by email and hotline.

Download LG1 Demo for Windows (648 kB)

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