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Software for Display and Conversion of Plot Files

(C) Copyright 1989-2020 by HEXAGON, Berlin


The HPGL Manager enables presentation of unlimited sized plot files on screen in the HP-GL (Hewlett Packard Graphics Language) and HP-GL/2 formats, and conversion of the files to other graphic file formats.


Available output formats are:

Postscript Laser Printer

Text font and width can be defined, as required, when outputting drawings to a postscript laser printer. Colors can be assigned different stroke thicknesses.


The true-scale drawing can be enlarged or reduced and printed out, with origin shift, on plotter or laser printer.

NC Code

The NC Conversion feature can for be used for example for engraving cutting or prototype boards with a CNC machine.

3D Printer

Define a height for the 2D drawing and create a model on 3D printer via STL file.

Command Line Mode

In command line mode, HPGLMAN can be used as batch oriented conversion tool. Example: "WHPGLMAN *.PLT /CPS /D3" converts all HPGL files to Postscript files. "WHPGLMAN *.PLT /G" will print all HPGL drawings by the default printer.

System Requirements

The HPGL Manager is available as 32-bit or 64-bit application for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.

Scope of Delivery

HPGL-Manager software, user manual with description of graphic formats used, license agreement for indefinite period of time, with update service.


HEXAGON guarantees, for a period of 24 months, that the software will fulfil the functions described.

Software Maintenance, Hotline

We constantly endeavor to extend and improve HEXAGON Software. We keep our customers informed about updates and new features at regular intervals.

(C) HP-GL and HP-GL/2 are registered Trademarks of the Hewlett-Packard Inc.

Download HPGLMAN Demo for Windows

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