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Z M 3

Software for synchronous belt drives to ISO 5296, ISO 17396, ISO 13050

(C) Copyright 2021-2024 by HEXAGON, Berlin

Software for synchronous belt drives

ZM3 calculates dimensions of synchronous belt drives according to ISO 5296 (MXL, XXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH), ISO 17396 (T und AT), ISO 13050 (G, H, R, S).


ZM3 searches for a suitable synchronous belt drive by input of transmission ratio, power, speed.


Select your favorite belt profile and belt width. From pulleys number of grooves together with approximate center distance or belt length or belt number of grooves, ZM3 calculates exact center distance and other dimensions of synchronous belt and pulleys.

Strength calculation

ZM3 calculates tangential force and permissible belt load and belt stress.


The calculation results and input data can be printed out on any Windows printer. Alternatively, ZM1 can generate an HTML or TXT file for editing with an Internet Browser or spreadsheet program.


Drawings of belt and pulleys can be displayed on screen, printed out or exported to CAD via DXF or IGES interfaces.

Profile Drawings

ZM3 generates true scale profile drawings of trapezoidal profiles to ISO 5296, ISO 17396-T, ISO 17396-AT. ISO 13050-H can be generated as trapezoidal profile with large radii. Profiles G, R, S according to ISO 13050 cannot be generated, these are approximated as trapezoidal profile.

Manufacturing Drawings

ZM3 generates production drawings of the pulleys. The drawing includes a header to ISO 7200 and an index of alterations taken from the program.

CAD Export

ZM3 generates DXF and IGES files of drawings and tables to be loaded into your CAD.

STL Export

ZM3 generates STL files of the pulleys with trapezoidal profile to produce models by means of a 3D printer.

HEXAGON Help System

An auxiliary text can be displayed for all entries. Auxiliary texts and diagrams can be modified and appended by the user. When error messages are shown, you can have a description and remedy suggestion displayed.

Hardware and Software Requirements

ZM3 is available as 32bit and 64bit version for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7.

Scope of Delivery

ZM3 program, user manual (pdf), perpetual licence, free hotline by email.

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