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DXF Tool for TOL1 Tolerance Analysis Software

(C) Copyright 1997-2020 by HEXAGON, Berlin, Kirchheim, Neidlingen

TOL1CON may ease the input of dimension elements and tolerances from CAD drawing into TOL1 Software. TOL1CON reads horizontal or vertical dimension elements from DXF files, and generates the TOL1 input file from this data. Important: DXF element "DIMENSION" must be used for dimensioning of drawings to enable TOL1CON to get dimension chain reliances and tolerances.

After succesful DXF import, TOL1CON displays a screen graphic with the dimension chain.

Hardware and Software Requirements

TOL1CON is available as 32bit or 64bit application for Windows 10/8/7. TOL1CON is a tool to be used together with TOL1 Software for tolerance calculation.

Scope of Delivery

TOL1CON Software, example file, user manual (pdf), license agreement.

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