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Spring Software
FED1+ Helical Compression Springs
FED2+ Helical Extension Springs
FED3+ Helical Torsion Springs
FED4 Disk Springs
FED5 Conical Compression Springs
FED6 Nonlinear Cylindrical Compression Springs
FED7 Nonlinear Compression Springs
FED8 Torsion Bars
FED9 Spiral Springs
FED10 Leaf Springs, Flexural Springs
FED11 Spring Lock and Bushing
FED12 Rubber Springs
FED13 Wave Spring Washers
FED14 Helical Wave Springs
FED15 Leaf Springs
FED16 Constant Force Springs
FED17 Magazine Springs

Bolted Joint Design Software
SR1/SR1+ Bolted Joint Design

Gear Design Software
ZAR1+ Spur and Helical Gears
ZAR2 Spiral Bevel Gears (Klingelnberg)
ZAR3+ Worm Gears
ZAR4 Variable (non-circular) Spur Gears
ZAR5 Planetary Gears
ZAR6 Bevel Gears
ZAR7 Plus Planetary Gears
ZAR8 Ravigneaux Planetary Gears
ZAR9 Cross-axle Helical Gears
GR1 Gear Construction Kit Software
GR2 Eccentric Gears
ZARXP Involute Profiles (Dimensions, Graphics, Measuring)
ZAR1W Involute Gear Wheel Dimensions, Tolerances, Measuring
ZM1 Chain Gears
ZM2 Pin Rack Drives
ZM3 Synchronous Belt Drives

Shaft/Hub Joints and Splines
WN1 Press fits (cylindrical and conical)
WN2/WN2+ Involute Splines DIN 5480
WN3 Parallel keys
WN4 Involute Splines SAE/ANSI B92.1
WN5 Involute Splines ISO 4156 and ANSI B92.2M
WN6 Polygon Profiles P3G to DIN 32711
WN7 Polygon Profiles P4C to DIN 32712
WN8 Serrations to DIN 5481
WN9 Straight Splines to DIN ISO 14
WN10 Involute Splines to DIN 5482
WN11 Woodruff Key Joints
WN12 Face Splines
WN13 Polygon Profiles PnG
WN14 Polygon Profiles PnC
WNXE Involute splines - dimension, graphic, measure
WNXE Serration splines - dimension, graphic, measure

Shaft Design and Girder Design Software
WL1+ Shaft Calculation incl.roll-contact bearings
TR1 Girder Calculation

Bearings and Seals
LG1 Roll-Contact Bearing Calculation
LG2 Radial Slide Bearings
DI1 O-Ring Seals

Tolerances and Tolerance Analysis Software
TOL1 Tolerance Analysis
TOL2 Tolerance Analysis
TOLPASS ISO tolerances

Geometry Software
GEO1+ Cross-Section Calculation incl.profile database
GEO2 Rotation Bodies and Mass Moment of Inertia
GEO3 Hertzian Pressure
GEO4 Cams and Cam Disks
GEO5 Maltese Cross Gears (Geneva Mechanism)
GEO6 Pinch Roll Overrunning Clutch
GEO7 Inner Maltese Cross Gears (Inner Geneva Mechanism)

Material Database
WST1 Material Database

Graphic Viewers and Converters

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